Why purchase Jupiter Science rather than any other brand?

Jupiter Dong Yang Science have been making water ionizers since 1982.

This of itself may not seem significant unless one becomes aware of the trail of broken promises of so many would-be imitators. Here in the USA we have already seen the effect of water ionizers sold as coming from large corporations, up to date and always described as 'revolutionary in design' only to crash in a matter of months when the company's lack of research and development shows itself in customer's kitchens with breakdowns, boiling cells and poor performance.

There are two types of imitators; the small company that attempts to copy the Jupiter designs (arrived at in joint consultation with Japanese researchers) and the large company that attempts to diversify. The former simply disappears; the larger one usually takes an executive decision to cut off the branch that is costing them too much money to support.

The fact that the Jupiter Masterpiece is still selling well in the US after 8 years is testimony to the enduring strength of Jupiter.

Jupiter continues to expand their market, continues to demonstrate product innovation tempered with twenty five years' experience, and continues to deliver no-fuss customer support.

Jupiter introduced the two year warranty that every one tries to match.

Jupiter are the only CE approved water Ionizer on the market and therefore are the only one admitted to the EEC.

Jupiter has a state of the art ISO9001 plant.

All of these innovations cost money and it is Jupiter's steady growth that has fuelled these important steps. As a trading partner they stand alone. As an innovator they have no equal in their field. As a company, they deliver what they promise.

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