Frequently Asked Questions About Jupiter Water Ionizers

Frequently Asked Questions About Jupiter Water Ionizers

Where are the Jupiter Ionizers manufactured?
The manufacturer of the Jupiter Ionizers is Dong Yang Science, a Korean Company. There are those who speak poorly of Korean made Water Ionizers, however their criticism is misplaced. Until the 1990's, Water Ionizers were produced exclusively in Japan. Dong Yang Science began producing Water Ionizers nearly eighteen years ago and was the first company to introduce MICOM Digital Technology to the Water Ionizer market, which is fast becoming a standard throughout the industry. They have become well established in their field and are considered a global leader in Ionized Water Technology. The company was formed in 1982 and is exceedingly well respected throughout Korea and the Far East.

Does the Jupiter Ionizers provide acid water as well as alkaline water?
Yes, as do all Water Ionizers. Water is run over positive and negative electrodes producing positive and negative ions in the water which are then separated to produce alkaline and acid water. It's like getting two machines in one.

How does the Jupiter Ionizer compare with other Water Ionizers on the market?
Nearly all Water Ionizers produced today provide approximately the same levels of ionized water, that is, an alkaline pH 9.9 and ORP -300, and an acid pH 5.5 and ORP +800. The Jupiter Ionizer delivers those levels and stands up well in comparison to any other Water Ionizer on the market, regardless of their country of origin.

Why is the Jupiter Ionizer less expensive than other Water Ionizers on the market? and buy direct from the importer and passes along the savings to you. It's as simple as that.

Does the Jupiter Ionizer have any features that the other Water Ionizers on the market don't have?
The Jupiter Ionizers uses MICOM Digital Technology, while many other Water Ionizers on the market use the old analog technology - but are quickly switching over to Jupiter's MICOM system. With MICOM, the unit has the ability to self-clean for thirty seconds for every ten minutes of use. This helps extend the life of the electrodes and therefore the life of the Water Ionizer. It also can sense that hot water is being put through the unit and automatically shuts off. (Hot water would burn out the electrodes). This protection and the self-cleaning mechanism of MICOM helps extend the life of the Water Ionizer dramatically.

There has been some discussion about electrodes on Water Ionizers. What are the Jupiter Ionizers electrodes made of?
The electrodes are composed of Solid Titanium with a dip-treatment platinum coating, which is the standard in the industry. Titanium is used because it is extremely hard. The platinum is coated, NOT electroplated, on to the titanium. Platinum is used because it is an excellent conductor. The Jupiter Ionizer does NOT use stainless steel electrodes as has been suggested by other companies. Stainless steel was used for Water Ionizer electrodes in the late 1980's and was found not be a suitable material because they did not last more than a a few years and were leaking nickel into the drinking water. The industry began using titanium platinum-coated electrodes as a whole in the early 1990's because it will last indefinitely. At present, no one is manufacturing Water Ionizers with stainless steel electrodes.

Some companies claim to have solid platinum electrodes on their Water Ionizers. Is that better than titanium platinum coated?
Solid platinum electrodes would be cost prohibitive to begin with. The electrodes are one of the most expensive components of the Water Ionizer. Also, platinum is a very soft metal (as is gold) and therefore would not be an appropriate material for the electrode base, which is why titanium is used. Anyone claiming to have solid platinum electrodes in the Water Ionizers they are selling do not know their own product because solid platinum electrodes are, in a practical sense, not possible in a Water Ionizer.

Does the Jupiter Ionizer come with a warranty and how does it work?
The Jupiter Ionizer comes with a two year warranty from the date of purchase. If anything goes wrong with the unit during that period, return it to us and it will either be repaired or replaced, if necessary, for free as long as it is under the warranty. Please be aware that if taken care of properly, there is little that can go wrong with a Jupiter Water Ionizer.

Does it work with city water and well water?
Yes both. The Jupiter Ionizer has a built in carbon filter which effectively removes chlorine (a known carcinogen) from tap water, which is why you should use a shower filter to remove chlorine before taking a shower.

The only concern would be if there is a high level of iron in your water. Any state health department laboratory in the country can run a test to see how much iron is in your water. A level of .4 mg/L or higher is too much. It will deposit on the electrodes over a year or two and eventually render the unit inoperable. There are ways to remove iron from your water through filtration.

How long does the Jupiter Ionizer filter last?
It depends on the quality of your water source and how much chlorine it contains. The amount of chlorine is contains can easily be determined by a call to your local water company and asking. For instance, if the level of chlorine is between .4 and 1.0 PPM (mg/L), the filter should last about 9-12 months. If the chlorine level is above that, the filter will last about 6 months. There is a filter life indicator on the Jupiter Ionizer, which will provide you with some idea of when your filter should be replaced. However it simply records the volume of water that has run through the Jupiter Ionizer and does not measure the amount of chlorine in the water.

Should I be concerned about the quality of the water coming out of my tap if I have city water?
Yes, for two reasons. As discussed, city water contains chlorine and other unwanted particulate matter in it that should be removed by filtration. There are sometimes other problems with city water such as bacterial contamination, benzene and other contaminants. These are more the exception than the rule. You should check with your municipal water company for further information on any of these types of problems occurring in your water.

Do Water Ionizers remove fluoride from tap water?
Some companies claim that all the fluoride in tap water is removed with the use of Water Ionizers. This is not entirely true. A Water Ionizer will send about half the amount of fluoride found in city water down the acid tube, thus cutting the amount of fluoride you drink in your water by about one-half. Water Ionizers do NOT entirely remove fluoride from the water, whether it has been added to the water or is already there naturally as with the case of a well.

Can I use the Jupiter Ionizer with bottled water or must I hook it up to the sink?
It is possible to use the Jupiter Ionizer with bottled water, although it may not be quite as convenient. That will essentially depend on the quality of your tap water, how fussy you want to be with what you drink and how much you want to spend.

Another option would be to put one or two filters underneath the sink where your Water Ionizer is, one being a particulate filter that takes suspended particles out of the water, the other a carbon filter that removes chlorine if you have city water. sells quality filter housings and filters.

Is the Jupiter Ionizer difficult to install?
Not at all. The average installation time is less than 15 minutes. The Jupiter Water Ionizer comes with a diverter that hooks up to the faucet on your sink and a single tube that can easily be cut to length as needed. Attach the hose to the outlet on the diverter and the intake line of the Jupiter Ionizer. The other hose should be connected to the Acid outlet line of the Jupiter Ionizer which drains into the sink. (Remember, Alkaline and Acid water are always produced simultaneously). Plug in the unit, preferably into a GFI (protected) outlet. As water is diverted into the Jupiter Ionizer, it will automatically turn on and begin producing Ionized Water. You will usually see a slightly dark discoloration the first you turn on the Jupiter Ionizer. This is carbon being washed from the filter and is completely normal. Be aware that the Jupiter Ionizer self-cleans each time you turn it on. This can be turned off by pushing the pH button.

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